Get Started

Laser modules are not sold. Several videos are made which should enable a user to learn more or construct a laser head.



A succesful exposure is shown in the video below

Hardware design

The hardware design is showcased in this video.

Laser prism scanning summary

A summary of laser prism scanning up to 2023 is given below.

Web resources

A lot of information is available on the web. The user is delegated to these resources to learn more and construct a laser head.

  • White paper
    This paper provides a detailed description of the laser scanner.
  • Blog
    In the Hackaday blog, announcement and new ideas with regard to the project are published
  • PCB design
    This is the repository for the printed circuit board design.
  • Gateware
    This repository provides the software for controlling the laser.
  • CAD design
    Here the CAD design in FreeCAD is shared.