Business Case & Technology:
The problem Hexastorm addresses is how do you project a laser bundle at high speed, high quality and low cost. In my elevator pitch , I analyzed other solutions to this problem and the industries these solutions are used. The medical industry is left out from this presentation at the moment. The scanner is due to its short scanline ideally suited for laser eye surgery. Also, the scanner can be used for creating droplets in bioprinting via laser induced forward transfer. An other option would be to use it in a fiber scanning display for augmented reality glasses. The beachhead market I identified is PCB prototyping. The technology is open source which should increase the adoption of the technology. Users are not locked in and can tailor the technology to their specific business case.

Hexa refers to hexagon. A hexagon is shown in the center of the logo. Storm makes a reference to the rotating prism in a transparent polygon scanner. The name was inspired by the spinning hexagonal cloud pattern on the north pole of Saturn, a Hexastorm. In the current, Hexastorm a quadron and not a hexagon is used.

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