The problem of moving a laser bundle plays a role in many modern technologies. Up to now, all companies in the world move the bunlde with a mirror. Hexastorm instead uses a prism to move a laser bundle. This will disrupt many markets; 3D printing, PCB manufacturing and laser eye surgery. The current scanhead is targeted for 3D printing and PCB manufacturing. It can, however, easily be apadapted for opthalmalgy, i.e. laser eye surgery. The specifications are as follows; minimimum spotsize 25 micrometers, maximum scan speed is 20 m/s, wavelength is 405 nm and power is 0.3W. The scanhead can be pre-ordered by interested clients. The idea is that the clients can order the scanhead with electronics and software. A video of the scanner can be seen on Youtube . A blog with recent progress and technical details can be found at Hackaday.
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